the joy of christmas.

we just got back from california and had a fantastic time.

we got to spend lots of time with family.

we went to disneyland. some of the next few photos are courtesy of cell phones...hence the poor quality.

 the center design at disney was designed by my uncle mike. his design was chosen out of several thousands so we took a photo... it's more than just the mickey but that's all we could fit. can you tell who's who??

so funny story. kyle decided to play buzz lightyear with both guns and the hand he wasn't using to aim actually scored more points than the one he was trying with.

david always thinks of the most clever poses for the photos taken on rides... the following one is the great shot he captured. ha!

we stumbled upon the los angeles temple while we were in beverly hills. so pretty!

we found the house that the dunphy's live in on the show modern family. one of our favorite wastes of time.

we got to see and spend a little time with marlie :) here she is with my gorgeous mother.

grandpa sang her a song...


we ate some TO DIE FOR food. this is the most INTENSE sushi roll. you have to eat it like a cheeseburger. my kind of food. 

and we celebrated the new year with some fun games and good people.

we had so much fun just being together... there are plenty more pictures to come but i'm waiting for them to be sent to me from my mom's camera. i can't wait until we get the opportunity for another lengthy visit in california. thanks mom and terry and dad and kris for making it so memorable.

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