Every year since I was about 13, I have participated in the Catholic tradition of Lent. Growing up in Porterville, most of my friends were Catholic and would always do this and I guess I just decided that it would be something I continue for whatever reason. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it is basically a sacrifice that is made between Ash Wednesday and Easter in remembrance of the Savior. It is supposed to be a time of remembrance, repentance and prayer. People that I know who have done it have sacrificed things that they love but know aren't the best. Things like Facebook, soda, sugar, talking behind other people's backs (great one if you ask me!), afternoon naps, etc. Although I am not Catholic in any way, shape or form, I have always found it to be a really cool thing. Not only is it a good way to be humbled and find yourself relying on the Lord for strength, I have found it's good for my diet too, because I always do some kind of food. I feel because I'm not even close to Catholic, I can have a small selfish purpose in it. It's win-win if you ask me! So this year, I am pullin' out the big guns and giving up gluten, dairy and SUGAR. I chose to do all three because I have found that I am sensitive to both gluten and dairy and I would be happy just eating sweets all day long. So I decided it was time for a change and what better reason than to do it for Jesus! Thanks to everyone else who is doing it with me, I know that you will find it to be a really great and meaningful experience. Love you all!

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