Nerd Convention Comes to Town.

For the past two semesters, David has been in a class called Mechatronics where he and a team of 3 other guys spend a ridiculous amount of their time building a robot. Yes... a robot. Real cool I know. Anyway, their hard work all boiled down to this past Tuesday. About 30 robots were entered into a tournament (March Madness style) for some friendly games of basketball. Their robot was called Rage of the Hurricane. Why? I'm not sure, but they wanted to name it Tsunami of Fury, but I didn't think that was appropriate.

David with his baby. I'll take what I can get right now I guess. Just thought our first would be a little cuter.

Before unleashing the "rage"

the whole crew together.

Unfortunately the "Rage" didn't win the tournament, however their design was the most unique and the talk of the nerds. It really was all the rage. haha...

Oh! and the guy on the left (Joe) is our Elders Quorum President. It's funny because when we made the move up to Salt Lake, David met him at church and after talking for a few minutes, found out that they were both in the Mechanical Engineering program at the U and they were in all the same classes AND put in the same robot group. They were definitely meant to be friends. They spend all week together and are in the Presidency at church together... it's a good thing they are both so easy to get along with and haven't gotten sick of each other yet. It has been such a blessing to have a couple so closeby to hang out with. His wife Shelby is equally as awesome and we love them dearly. : )

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  1. Love the makeover and the posts! Had SUCH a great weekend. Love you!