SLCC Fashion Show - Raw Couture

Well... I survived. It definitely wasn't easy, but it was soooo worth it. Even though I was crazy stressed and busy sewing my fingers bloody for the last few months, it all came together and overall I had an awesome time. Hallelujah! Even though my life was consumed with designing, patternmaking, and sewing, I never for a second dreaded getting to work, or planning my show. I guess I've chosen the correct path to pursue.

I'm waiting for the photos of the rest of the designers from the show, but I figure since this is my blog, I can go ahead and post my work. Remember... this is a judge free zone. Thanks!

This little pink dress has front pockets... I'm so glad I spent all that extra time making pockets when she forgot to put her hands in them on the runway!

 This next red dress was the one on Fox 13. I get a little bothered when I see these pictures because I literally had a whole 2 minutes to dress all my girls and I could have given the bow on this dress a lot more lovin'. I'm very particular about that. Oh well I guess.

 The dreaded and oh so uncomfortable 3 seconds on stage...

 Some of my fan club. Love you!
 Gettin' some good eats after the show. : )

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support. I have the most wonderful family, friends, teachers. Extra big thanks to Mom (Mimi), Mom (Harward) and Janet Gleave (teacher/mentor and personal Tim Gunn) for all of your help. I literally could not have done this without you. I can't wait to do more fashion shows and create more collections in the future! I will say, as for now... I'm quite happy to be project free for the time being!!!!


  1. Beautiful work, Robin. I especially love the first one. Sassy. :)

  2. The fashion show was a great time. I completely enjoyed myself and the trip was well worth it to be there in person. The pix are great but nothing compares to the excitement of the show itself. What could be better than fashion and family? You truly outdid yourself honey-baby! Kudos!!

  3. You are so freaking adorable robin i'm so sad i missed the show! I feel so proud of you even though i had nothing to do with your skills:)

  4. sorry this is heidi by the way guess david is logged in!

  5. Heidi! You are so sweet! Let's do something soon please!