Happy Birthday America!

 Oh how we love being yours!
We went to the Harward's for a sweet little barbecue with some even sweeter people. 

David was the entertainment... which isn't uncommon.

About to catch David's ugly shoes on fire ;)

We also celebrated this hot mama's birthday! Happy quarter century Lins!

Going for a neighborhood stroll...

The crazy aerial fireworks are legal in Utah now so we got to enjoy the real kind of fireworks from the front yard. It was really fun to see everyone in the neighborhood let off fireworks. Everywhere you looked the sky was lit up. Let's hope the good fireworks are here to stay!

The day was nothing short of magical.
 We might be fat, we might be loud, but we're American and proud of it!

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  1. Holy Crap Robin. That picture of you two on the porch is super cute. I think it's time for you to make a beautiful baby. Seriously. Get on it. Love, Ang.