Letter to Santa

This Thanksgiving was scheduled with the Vossler and Schuler family. We had so much fun... pictures hopefully to come, but lets be real, I can't promise anything. I did however want to share this with the world. My Dad had a big binder keepsake with fun stuff that he has collected and kept over the years and we came across this embarrassingly awesome letter that I wrote to Santa forever ago. I'm sad that there isn't a date on here but perhaps it's for the best... I can pretend that I was REALLY young and therefore didn't know any better in regards to both my spelling and my ridiculous Christmas wishlist.

Let me translate. This is what I wrote, letter for letter...

"Dear Santa, 
     I want a Zog Log the tatoo Bear every polly pocket there is a lot of new dresses some Jelrey a lot of Littlest pet shop some dolls the gliter atter I want a hat a carrie-occey moinoen (believe it or not people, this word is supposed to be machine... David still won't let that one go.) I want Franser the live one (we're thinking this means Prancer the reindeer). some hiar berets the shoes wiht the relly relly hiaeh shoes more shoes my loss teht to come out and a new drem chacher a petty one. a lot of-stickers more sickers I wish that Christmas was every day But not the stuff agin and agin and agin. a lot of dress up choes girltalk girltalk dodal bear girltalk and new friends the end."

Whoever my friends were at the time (after reading this, I can't promise that I had any at all) but I sincerely apologize. ha ha... and of everything on this list, I do remember actually getting Girl Talk and not ever using it.

Happy December Friends!



  2. "The shoes wiht the relly relly hiaeh shoes more shoes" — Ah ha ha. More shoes, Santa! I want more shoes! And they better be HIGH.

    Hilarious, little Robin. Hilarious.

  3. I guess some things don't change huh liz? :)