happy birthday mom!

I whole heartedly believe that I have the best mother in the world. She is the one of the strongest women I have ever known and has been the best example to me. Being that I am just weeks away from becoming a mother myself, I feel very at ease and comforted knowing that I have been taught very well and that I can call upon her at any time for help. I remember when I was little she would tell me how grateful she was that Heavenly Father sent me to her when He could have sent her any other little girl. I am also so grateful He did that. I really don't know what I did to be so blessed. She is my best friend and I want to be just like her in every way.

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  1. Thank you for the best birthday gift ever!

    You have always been so generous expressing your affection. When you were baby, you would wrap you arms around my neck and say to me "I lala mama." A sweet memory indeed.

    Robin, You will make a great mother and you have so much to look forward to. Enjoy the sweet and precious experiences that only come from the opportunity motherhood brings. You deserve it.

    It won't be long now.