SLC Farmers Market

Earlier today we loaded up the stroller and walked over to the Salt Lake City Farmers Market. We managed to have a lot of fun in spite of the crowds and heat. We scored coming home with some of the best locally grown/prepared food. David found a stand that sold Award Winning Cheddar, claiming the "Best Smoked Cheese in the World."  He also indulged in some handmade pasta, a strawberry pastry and to die for cheese bread. I found some fresh raspberries, zucchini, crazy good pesto hummus and Utah's best cookies from Ruby Snap. Hi Alex :)
I guess we hadn't done enough damage, because we felt the need to hit up Bruges Waffles just down the street. 
There is so much to do in the city during the summer so we have a lot on our bucket list. We're trying to squeeze in as much of downtown while we can. We know we can't stay in our one bedroom apartment for too much longer even though we have really loved living here. We're also always trying to squeeze in as much dad time over the weekends. If he ever has any other commitments, we start to feel a little jipped. It's really too bad the weekends go by so darn fast.

Oh and isn't little Shades so darling? 


  1. You city folks sure have a good time. Mom

  2. Dang you are making me crave waffles. I can't wait to see little Henry again! Come home soon!

  3. Little shades is darling. And Ruby Snap and Bruges are my favorite!