One Happening Kid.

We have found within the last three months, our Little Tiny is one happening kid. In only a short amount of time he has done and seen so much. I can hardly keep up...

He has partied in Vegas.

He has been to a graduation. (Go Dad!)

He celebrated Easter in style.

He's declared his love for BYU.

He has been to Cheesecake Factory. Twice.

He was given a blessing and a name.

He went to Southern Utah for a family reunion.

He went to Southern Utah again to see the solar eclipse.

He also managed to go camping while he was there.

He was in a wedding.

He's gotten locked out of the apartment. Twice.

He's been to a rock show...

...and a few other things not pictured such as going to the movies, going on a road trip and flying in an airplane. It blows my mind how big he is getting. I get told every single day that kids grow so fast and although I've always known it, I have not been prepared for Henry to get so big so quickly. At his 2 month appointment he weighed 11 lbs 14 oz. We weighed him yesterday (almost a month later) and he was a whopping 14 lbs 4 oz. I wanted to cry! That's more than twice what he weighed when he was born. Even though I love fat babies so much, I hate the thought that each day he gets a little bit closer to not being my sweet little baby anymore. 

A few things about Henry David that we never want to forget...

We call him our mini horse because he makes neighing sounds.
He loves our morning dance parties. Usually joined by Vanilla Ice, Justin Beiber and Ace of Base.
He will almost always smile when you click your tongue at him. 
When he is swaddled, David likes to call him "Little Chimichanga."
He has gotten pretty great at getting out of his chimi-wrap. That's when I call him "Little Houdini."
He has a big crush on his Momma. :)
He has a serious staring problem. I will sometimes apologize to strangers for his bad manners.
He's been able to hold his neck up since he was born.
If you let him stand up while you hold his hands, he will sometimes do the moonwalk.
For the most part, he's a very happy kid. Unless he's hungry. Then he's the opposite of happy.

All in all, best three months ever.

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  1. Ah, I love this kid so much! He is already so "worldly". Keep updating!