6 Months

So this is our giant baby. He is twice as old as he was since the last time I posted and weighs almost triple what he did when he was born. I can't believe he has been our little bundle for half a year now. Blows my mind. This kid brings us a ridiculous amount of joy on the daily. I can hardly even remember what my life was like prior to becoming his momma.

Isn't he just yummy?

I am so smitten with this gummy smile! We are so fortunate to have the happiest kid in town. He is so mild-tempered and sweet. If he isn't grinning from ear to ear he is completely stoic and is busy just taking everything in. 

As of now he is...

- sitting up like a champ
-roaring constantly like a little lion
-being swaddled like a chimichanga 
(It was originally a burrito, but David insists that chimichangas taste better)
-rolling over like a big boy
-eating bananas like a little monkey
-gaining weight like you wouldn't believe
and lastly bringing us more joy than we ever thought possible.

Love you little Indie!
PS- that's the nickname that WILL catch on before Hank, Tank or Henners. 


  1. I fully support Little Indie.

  2. "The Tank"! You forgot to say how high he can jump in his Johnny and that he now likes playing peek-a-boo... Probably my two favorite things to do with him right now.