October in Cali

Every year my dad flies me home to see the family business in all it's glory. It's my favorite time of year for so many reasons. This was of course the baby's first time to Vossler Farms and according to Grandpa Kirk, "productivity slowed down considerably" whenever we pulled in. 
Something extra exciting happened over the last week too. My brother and his beautiful wife Saira gave birth to my incredibly sweet and teeny tiny new nephew Kirk Edward Vossler. The memories of only 7 months ago flooded in as I watched the two of them adjust to their new life with their new babe. 
This trip out west was exactly what I needed. I always feel like these trips fly by but I am so grateful that we were able to visit. 
Thank you to all of the grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles and friends that made the trip so wonderful. 
Can't wait to see you all at Christmas!


  1. Love the pics huni and we all miss you guys already, work here at VF doesnt slow down as much as it just ceases all together when Henry is on site but thats quite all right. It was great having you here and I look forward to next time. Love you I do, GpapaG

  2. Why did you have to leave???? We miss you so much!