Just to name a few...

I have discovered a new blog. It's kind of awesome. Okay, it's a lot of awesome. You can find it here. These hot mommas show lots of fun ways and cute examples of how to just enjoy your babes and let them express themselves and find their talents. This little "Thanksgiving 2012" sheet is just one example. Right now they're doing a giveaway for a free mini ipad and even though my chance of winning is pretty much slim to none, I thought "why not showcase my artistic talents whilst showing the world (14 followers) a few things I'm most grateful for?" 
So I am... and I said it just like that in my head. 

During a time in my life where it gets too easy to forget to just stop and write a few things down, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to express my love for the things I hold dearest. 
That means you, sweet Johnny Jump Up. 
And maybe winning a mini ipad won't hurt either. 


  1. You are beautiful and I am so inspired by you!

  2. I used to love drawing pictures with you, this brought back so many good memories! I wish I had saved some of our old drawings, especially the one of you destroying Disneyland!